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About us.

The YMCA is the oldest and largest youth organization in the world, spanning 120 countries with 65 million members. The YMCA in Kosovo focuses on working with young people and being active in local communities.

The red triangle of the YMCA also embodies our values and approach to work, ensuring that all our programs and projects serve the needs of young people and their communities.

Originally started in 1920 by the British the YMCA closed in the 1940’s after the Second World War. The YMCA was then reintroduced in Kosovo in 2003, growing fast and introducing initiatives like the blue bus and work and travel. As Kosovo developed and became independent the movement fell on hard times, in 2013 it was rebooted with a new structure and mission; one YMCA for the whole country instead of the traditional federation model.

With the new structure, the movement grew fast and achieved its “Vision 2020” strategy, buying assets, establishing strong partnerships, and putting down foundations in communities across Kosovo. 


To be an inclusive movement where people grow in mind, body and spirit.


A strong, credible organisation working locally, nationally and Internationally.


Building future and present leaders and investing in youth.


Promoting peace and unity and celebrating each other’s differences and diversity.


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