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Our Global Camp history started in 1885.

The camp is not only sports fields, green areas and facilities, but a place where the new generations are inspired by their future and build memories that last life time.

-Frost Valley YMCA, USA

YMCA Camp History 

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Camping in the USA

Camping became a cornerstone of YMCA programming in 1885 in the USA, when the YMCA started Camp Dudley, America's first known summer camp program, at Orange Lake, New York.

Today YMCAs in the USA have 234 camps in the United States.

Camping in Europe 

Camping has been part of YMCAs around Europe since last century. Currently, the YMCA has 87 camps in 27 Countries in Europe.

YMCA in Kosovo Camp History

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  • 2014

A task group was established to determine what facilities would be needed to help our movement become self-sustainable and to better deliver our mission. Staff, volunteers, Board members and senior leadership after much consultation concluded that a camp was the way forward.

  • 2015

The Danish Y's Men visited the Balkans and held a meeting with our National General Secretary, Dorina Lluka Davies, in which they said they would support an application for a building. Later that year our application for a camp to Y's men International Region Denmark fund was approved.


  • 2016

Memorandum of Understanding with the National Ministry of Education signed to promote the camp throughout Kosovo schools and municipalities, including the various minorities and ethnicities.

  • 2016

Y USA & World Service support our movement by partnering with us. Our CEO Dorina attends a conference in Frost Valley YMCA where a silent auction raises funds which World Service doubled.

  • 2017

Our movement agrees on a deal for the land in Pjetershan. Making this the home of the new camp.


  • 2018

Memorandum of Understanding signed with the National Ministry of Culture, Sport & Youth for financial support to the project, and kept working with the YMCA to boost youth empowerment over the next 5 years.


  • 2018

Ground broken and building begins on the camp, with river banks being reinforced, electricity lines placed, access roads opened and foundations laid.

  • 2019

Accommodation houses enter the final phase of construction, in cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development and the municipality of Gjakova.

  • 2020

Global pandemic impacts the process of building the camp. Processes move slowly.

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