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Urbanisation of Shkugza

Shkugza Park is a recreational area and protected landscape in the southern part of the city of Gjakova lying between the two hills separated by the small river Shlepica, at an altitude of 410-460 m. This Park stands out for its values in particular aspects of biodiversity and landscape.

With the proposal of the Institute of Kosovo for Nature Protection, in 2011 The Municipality of Gjakova announced Shkugza Park protected area in the category of Landscape Area Protected, on an area of 70 ha—the plan of the landscape for "Shkukza Park, UNDP. 


A part of this area is publicly owned and about 1/3 of its territory is private land. Private restaurants with parking lots have been built on public land and thus the area has become an attractive locality for various recreational activities.

Shkugza faces numerous challenges due to urbanization; habitat fragmentation and degradation, land use change, and the interactions between these drivers. Effects of modified regimens of forest fires pose a threat to its biodiversity.

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