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Gjimnazi "Hajdar Dushi"

Gjimnazi "Hajdar Dushi"/ YMCA Clothes Donation Containers 

Gjimnazi " Hajdar Dushi" was founded in 1953 under the name Gjimnazi REAL and remained with this name until 1987 when it was renamed Gjimnazi " Hajdar Dushi" 

On March 2023 YMCA placed the Green Containers at the entrance. This initiative was made to promote a clean environment and the reuse of clothes. 

The students have the chance to donate the clothes they are not using anymore and the YMCA Staff comes and empties the containers. The clothes are then cleaned and resold at the YMCA Shop. 

If you wish to donate clothing items you can do so at the container (Gjimnazi "Hajdar Dushi" Gjakove) or at our shops:

                                        Gjokove:                                                                            Prishtina:

                           Str. Skenderbeu, Gjakova,                                                       Str. UÇK no.139,

                          50 000, Republic of  Kosovo                                                   Prishtina, 10,000 


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