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Our shops are located in Gjakova since 2014, and the online store opened in September 2020. Our shops are models of social enterprise supported by Y’s Men International based in Switzerland, Hardeners Y's Men Club, and YMCA England.​

  • Offering employment opportunities for young people;

  • Presenting opportunities and promoting volunteerism;

  • Helping 300 families with food packages;

  • Supporting Safe Houses with Food and Clothing;

  • Supporting children with special needs with games and wheelchairs;

  • Helping university schools with scholarships;

  • Using paper bags and recyclable materials.​

The Charity Store is built on and relies on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) specifically SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and SDG 13 (Climate Action). These stores sell recyclable products in order to protect the environment and raise funds for youth employment. All the benefits and the budget created by the sale go to empowering young people, as well as helping families in need. 

Every product that is sold is recyclable in order to protect the environment, raise funds for youth programs, and help the community. Some of the forms that this has been done are:

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